“Just ‘Coz You Feel It, Doesn’t Mean It’s There”

I know I said I’d be drawing and showing you my sketch book; well I got sidetracked and ended up trying to make some things to sell in an Etsy shop. So far I have set up my shop but have nothing in it; so its just me sitting behind an empty stall , looking a bit lost!

Obviously I have the added problem of the rubbish internet connection up here which makes uploading pictures a bit of a chore. Still, I have been busy making some of these little books (4″x4″) which are covered in printed and embroidered fabric…
…and some of these heart brooches which contain a sprig of lavender and are made from hand printed and embroidered re-cycled wool.

Those, along with some screen-printed t-shirts will form the main stock in my fabulous emporium. It can’t be worse than doing nothing, can it? Can it? Is it so very different from what I was doing 20 years ago, messing about on the “Enterprise Allowance Scheme”? Is this what my degree prepared me for?…

I’ve been doing some research and costing some garment blanks to use in my designs but it just doesn’t seem to work out. It seems mass production on the scale of Tesco or hugely expensive,exclusive one offs, are the only options. More research needed I think.

Now I must go and bake cakes for my lovely daughter’s birthday. x

Reading: Still reading the Moomins! Listening to: Radiohead


2 responses to ““Just ‘Coz You Feel It, Doesn’t Mean It’s There”

  1. cuuuute sketchbook! you will sell loads and loads in etsy you will! :]

  2. Hi Kim,

    One option is to design ‘stuff and things’ and have them manufactured in a country where labour is cheaper – like here. Bali is renown for her handicraft products and conditions are usually *not* sweaty nasty factories. The trick is to go for something fiddly to produce which is labour intensive but not necessarily expensive.

    A friend has a beadworks, for instance. She makes beaded bags and shoes, tapestries and necklaces etc. Things which retail for £30-£100, maybe, but which might cost £5-£10ea to make and ship to the UK.

    Anik has experience in manufacturing and export for Westerners and may be interested in taking on new clients.

    Just a thought to ponder…

    Mail me if you might have something in mind…

    Kiss xXx

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