Country Living


I’ve just been down to the village to post my first Etsy order. It’s a temporary Post Office in the Village Hall, only open a few hours a week, which is really annoying.There was a queue though ,so we all had to chat about the weather and the loss of village amenities and I was mistaken for the mother of my 23 year old neighbour which really made my day!

I’ve wasted so much time this morning that I’m determined to get loads of work done this afternoon. I just thought I’d mention a few events coming up in Osmotherley, in case anyone’s passing this way.

February 26-28 Osmotherley Village Theatre presents “Busybody” .Tickets available from The Top Shop. ( Jane Thorniley-Walker has been painting the scenery and several of my favorite people have leading roles, so it should be  fun, I’m not even packing the rotten tomatoes… )

March 10th An Apple Event presented by famous local cider maker Giles Pinkney. I’m not sure but I think this is all about encouraging people to make more cider and includes visiting monks from Ampleforth who make a good brew apparently!

Now, enough “Country Living”, time to brew up some strong coffee and get designing.( The image above is a close up of a design on fine wool, using various print methods and padded embroidery)


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