“Who Knows Where The Time Goes?”


Ahhhh! Look at this picture my brother sent me last week.It must have been taken in about 1972, judging by the collar on my dad’s shirt, his hair and me being about 4 or 5! How time flies, and I’m not sure my painting skills have improved all that much!


I’ve been adding a few more things to my Etsy shop and have entered some of them in tomorrows “Childrens” showcase; just to see if it makes any difference. The detail above is from a T-shirt with printed silk appliqué and embroidery.I had to test that it was washable because one of my fears is that everything I make may fall to bits as soon as I’ve sold it! ( It didn’t and they won’t so don’t worry)

Highlights of the weekend included the play “Busybody” which was very funny and starred the multi-talented Angela James. I also had a lovely afternoon of tea and Twix’s with Tom Hutchinson who showed me some Illustrator tricks and talked about life after graduation.He’s just set up a new website so take a look.


I still love this heat transfer on wool technique , I’m definately going to have to make some more of those little baby shoes using this fabric.

Now I must set my mind to doing a few more designs for New Leaf as I seem to have gone off on a tangent the last week or so.


One response to ““Who Knows Where The Time Goes?”

  1. Re: photo of when you were 4 or 5, please tell us the secret of your eternal youth, you look as gorgeous now as you did then, your face is exactly the same! L.X

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