Keeping The Wolf From The Door


I went for a trawl around the charity shops today in search of interesting fabric and desperate for a book ( having read all but two Moomin books …the last two being saved for an emotional emergency as they are hot chocolate for my soul!) I found these beautiful old books with weird and obscure titles. Too expensive for my pocket money but aren’t the covers gorgeous? I love the faded colours on “Dick’s Dog” and the sailing boat… no sign of a dog though.

I came home with Inspector Morse ( not literally unfortunately!) and a handful of buttons and belt buckles which was all they’d let me take from a button tin I was hoping to buy and rummage through. I love old button boxes- they always smell funny and generally have one or two treasures hidden at the bottom.


I’m still making my little note books, the picture above is the latest, using a design I’ve showed you before, but this time printed on cotton and embroidered. At the moment I’m all over the place and not at all focused so I think I need to stick to one idea at a time , maybe books on Mondays, New Leaf Tuesdays etc.

I just got a couple of e-mails , one from Leanne Hodgson, mentioning a new blog for the “Venitia Red ” label .”Venitia Red” is a really interesting idea; a fashion label supporting new graduates and run as a community project. The other was a newsletter from Selvedge magazine which included a big advert for Helen Stevenson’s “Designers Marketplace”. The next event is in Newcastle on March 28th and should be well worth a visit.

Reading: Inspector Morse Omnibus by Colin Dexter

Listening to: Last Night a DJ Saved My Life


2 responses to “Keeping The Wolf From The Door

  1. that was a nice read.
    I like the books to, how pricey were they?

    you mentioning button tins has reminded me that you still have an old tin of mine from uni which has lots of nic nacs in, dont know if you remember.
    totally forgot bout that 😛

  2. p.s. have a look through my online portfolio if you havent already (doing a little bit of self promoting if you hvent already guessed) more to be added soon.

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