“Wave to the Wattingers”


What on earth have I been doing for the past week? Time has flown by and I don’t seem to have achieved all that I wanted to ( I even ended up watching “In The Night Garden” with the children- none of us exactly the target audience!). Last night I helped to serve 100 cups of stewed tea and dodgy coffee at the Osmotherley Cider Event which was a great success.Giles Pinkney and Robert Thorniley-Walker continued their good natured battle for cider supremacy , the others didn’t stand a chance! I only wish I liked cider and didn’t associate it with underage drinking experiments on Runswick beach…

This apple brooch was something I made specially for the event and my cynical attempt at self-publicity worked because I had several nice comments and a couple of possible orders.This only goes to show that you should always carry business cards and if possible wear your own designs.

apple 2

The blue in the background is something I’m working on for New Leaf so its time I switched this thing off and did some work. Before I do though I’m going to look at TinyHappy which has become one of my favorite blogs at the moment.


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