Sap Rising…


It’s been a lovely day; I ventured outside and got my hands in the soil for the first time this year. The Curlews came back on the first of March and yesterday I saw my first lamb, so although it’s not warm it does feel like spring. The toads in the pond ( old butler’s sink) were certainly feeling full of the joys,so I expect there’ll be spawn next time I look.

I’m busy doing more designs for New Leaf; happy that I sold another piece in L.A. and finally got paid for the others that sold in November. When I sold a design through college (to “Calao”at Indigo ) it took over 6 months to get the cheque, so it seems important not to rely on a fast cash flow ( well it always flows fast in the wrong direction doesn’t it!).


Today I’ve also put a few more things in my Etsy shop. The cover of this book includes part of a drawing I did ages ago and some “Illustrator” butterflies that I made using Tom’s instructions! It also features buttons from the charity shop…who rang me and said I could have the whole tin after all.

The moon is big and I have lots to do so I’ll say goodbye for now.


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