dsc00653 Annoyingly these horses looked much more lively and interesting from the wrong side of the embroidery. I like the way they look like quick sketches rather than the very neat finished design ( which I can’t show you for copyright reasons). dsc00654 I’ve just come in from the garden and my hands are stinging with cuts and scrapes and splinters, after getting carried away weeding the rhubarb patch and wrestling with the willow house.Its been such a beautiful day and the toads were back, making a lot of noise, as were the lapwings, wheeling about above the ploughed field behind the house. Who said the countryside was peaceful! img011 It seems a shame to come indoors but I need to get some more work done because apparently it’s being sent to Japan in early April. Meanwhile a mysterious cable has been spotted on the moor…could this be the long awaited broadband slowly heading towards Witchmountain?!

One response to “Horses

  1. Sophie Bartesch

    I love the embroidery!! It sure is annoying when you spend so long perfecting something !! ive used the back of designs lots of times haha

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