dsc00663Here is the button box I bought today from the “Mind” shop.It is full of treasure…and some strange rubbish…I shall explore it’s depths later ( the best and tiniest buttons are always at the bottom.Don’t the orange and green look lovely against my transfer paint papers?

dsc00664Yesterday Lyndsay and Carl came over for one of our tea, cake and catch-up sessions. We had to make an emergency trip to Helmesley for chocolate supplies and then did a quick  bit of still life drawing as well as  trampolining and talking to the ponies. It turns out that Sara Collins who was in our year at college has just got a design job in Australia, I’m so pleased for her and ever so slightly jealous..Congratulations Sara!

dsc00657Meanwhile , just as we were wondering where all the jobs were Lyndsay’s phone rang and it was an agent offering her some work.Hurray! The sun has got his hat on and hopefully things are looking up.

dsc00665This weekend is the Spring Equinox, one of the eight Sabbats , traditionally symbolized by the solar fire-wheel.Janet and Stewart Farrah’s book “Eight Sabbats for Witches”( Hale 1981) gives some interesting historical information on spring rituals, including the origins of Easter eggs, hot-cross buns and lucky Shamrocks. I’m just glad that the equinox means light nights and hopefully warmer days!


One response to “Equinox

  1. do not lie, we weren’t wondering, we were CURSING THEM ALLLLLLL

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