Today I went looking for that Moomin book I said I was saving for a special occasion ; needing to escape a little from the here and now. So I went into town and bought books and Vogue Bambini ( for research) and embroidery thread. As I left the bookshop I heard this …a man, with a small boy of about 2 or 3 who wanted to go in to the bookshop, said ” you don’t want to go in there, it’s only full of books” ….my heart sank even further than it was already. Sometimes a good book is the only thing that saves me. I can’t imagine a childhood without books or stories…poor kid.

Well I posted some designs today so that means I can spend tonight doing something to put on Etsy, before starting another group of six. Today’s picture is a sketchbook page, I really must start using it more.

Time to light the fire now and snuggle down with my reading.

(Oh, don’t forget, if you’re in Newcastle this Saturday, Designers Marketplace is holding it’s latest event at the university there; actually, I might get the train up since the weekend is looking pretty empty so far!)

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