Motivation Radio


These are some thoughts from Witchmountain, as the year comes nearly full circle and I’ve been writing for almost a year…

“When all else fails ” we must go and work in the garden” ( “Candide” Voltaire)

“( for if you’re not afraid how can you be really brave?)” ” The Exploits of Moominpapa” Tove Jansson.


So I just wanted to say…Good Luck to all those final year students at CCAD.Don’t stress too much over Easter!From what I’ve seen this looks like being a vintage year and I’m looking forward to the Degree show in June (?) although I’m a bit worried about the competition! Have a look at their blogs and see what you think.

( sorry if I missed some out, but follow the links on those pages for more CCAD talent!)


Anyway, these drawings are part of something I did in first year when we were asked to illustrate a song or poem using the techniques we had learned that year (collage, heat transfer, stencil, cutwork, stitch and watercolour, amongst others). The song was by John Martyn ( “Fern In The Spring” -I’m not sure if thats the official title…)and those in the know will understand why I chose to post it now.’Nuff said.

Take care everyone and by the way Louise Broomhead and Melissa at TinyHappy are both offering fantastic giveaways on their blogs so get there quick. I’m going to do something similar towards the end of the month to celebrate a year of Witchmountain ( just need to decide what to giveaway…)


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