“Saturn Return”


“easy to poke yourself square in the eye

harder to like yourself,harder to try

these elvis poses,postcards and neopryn

roses a dollar a stem

everyone’s sleeping or pulling a long haul,

the keys in the cooler, it’s 3am.” (REM)


I’m proud of myself today, I got my act together and made this book in honour of Rob the starman who showed me Saturn through a telescope when I stopped at Square Corner in the middle of the night – after an epic Easter Sunday at the Golden Lion. The Great Bear was directly overhead and Saturn was pinky yellow under a triangle of stars. Anyway, I have no idea who he is but it was one of the few good things to have happened in the past four weeks of wilderness.


Pasque flowers outside my door -and April 21st is Witchmountain’s first birthday so I’m giving away the Saturn book as a Thank You to those who have been reading and supporting me in the past year. Just leave a comment before the 21st, I will pick a name at random and this inspired masterpiece could be yours! The design is printed and hand embroidered on wool voltaire and includes vintage buttons and a tiny satin Saturn (in the top right corner).

Many thanks x.


13 responses to ““Saturn Return”

  1. Happy Birthday for the 21st to WitchMountain! Best wishes for the next 12 months and beyond.

  2. Hi Kim,

    I’d love to win your pretty, sweet handmade book!
    Happy 1st birthday! Hope that your design future holds lots of fab’ opportunities. 🙂

  3. beauuuutiful kim, i love it. happy birthday witchmountain!xxx

  4. Didnt the egyptians place the pyramids in the same design layout as Orion’s belt, the Nile being the Milky way? Anyway your book’s much more useful!

  5. I have just found your blog via Stitchin Fingers your work is wonderful,going to start working my way through looking at it all right now.

  6. hi kim, Happy birthday- love your blog- just upload your photos at our house on your way to work, also have you made contact re: Illustrator training (free! ish) CCAD have funding to deliver to training to freelancers/business, see link http://www.investinhartlepool.com/index.php?menu=News&id=51 (email creativeskills@ccad.ac.uk for more info.)

  7. Love it Kim you are so talented. I wish you so much success (first 2 years in biz is the hardest) good luck.

  8. beautiful, happy blogversery!

  9. Goooorgisssss!!!!! as always!!!!! lots of love and luck for the next 12 months Kim …. x

  10. one year already. Crikey!
    well happy birthday whichymountain! I have to say you got the blog bug more than me.
    well I look forward to another year of reading 🙂

  11. Keep on blogging – it’s a nice bit of sunshine to have a look at each day. Your eloquent REM lyrics always bring a smile.

  12. happy spring to you and your family, kim. what a fabulous book! congrats on reaching one year blogging. 🙂

  13. Hi Kim, the book looks lovely – great colours. I stared at the the night sky last night, but alas no Rob the star man to show me Saturn! I also like the John Martyn refs!

    Love Jane

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