House of Blues


Look what I found in the vegetable patch when I was planting peas! This little blue house. I want to live there but failing that I’m going to see if Helen can drill a hole in it to make a necklace…

So… the winner of the book ( drawn from a Tyrolean shepherd’s (?)hat by Sara ) is Melissa. Thank you to everyone who left a comment and to all those who looked. I hope you’ll keep checking back.

I’ve finished a design today, the first for quite a while. Getting back in to the swing of things hasn’t been easy but the threat of all those fantastic new graduates thundering up behind me means I have to keep going and try even harder to produce some work that will sell and save me from being an eternal barmaid!

Tomorrow it’s my birthday so keep your fingers crossed that it turns out nice.

Thanks again.


6 responses to “House of Blues

  1. oh i know, a year already is kinda scary.
    I didnt realise it was your birthday as well as witchmountains… and also lyndsays on monday i think she said
    well that does call for a visit and b’day cake.
    we were going to call round this week actually but next week if your not ready for visitors?.
    talk soon.

  2. p.s. sorry, i didnt even say happy birthsay.

  3. Hi Kimblee!
    Happy Birthday!
    I can’t believe the years are rushing by so fast. Can’t believe Sara has a blog! Can’t believe…

    I hope you have a beautiful year full of happiness and laughter. May all your wishes come true and your desires evaporate in the sunshine.

    Always Love,
    ~Nick ❤

  4. Haaappppyyyyy Birthday!

    Does this mean you can have a day off sewing and gardening? I reckon it should do anyway. Have a great day and make sure you eat lots of cake (that’s what birthdays are really for). x

  5. Oh my god!!!!!! How gorgeous!!!!! What a beautiful find in the garden …..

    Happy Birthday Kim … have a luvlee time x

  6. happpyyy birthday, almost missed it by 7 minutes! lucky !! xxx

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