dsc00690I’ve been making this bracelet for my friend Becca’s birthday… I knew that button box would come in handy! Apart from that it’s been a strange week on the mountain, with spring bursting out all over and me nearly knocking myself out with the lawnmower. The swallows haven’t made it back yet, they’re late. “What time do you call this swallows? I’ve been waiting up”

Instead there is a huge lesser spotted woodpecker monopolizing the bird-feeder and looking outlandish with his crazy bright feathers.


Yesterday I shared my birthday with Shakespeare and was spoilt rotten by my wonderful friends and family. ( The card above is by Claire Baker who also graduated from CCAD’s Textiles and Surface Design course) So, 42!! Good grief , that came around a bit fast, time I got some things done…

( Listening to: “Horses” Patti Smith, Reading :” Backwards in High Heels-the Impossible Art of Being Female” Tania Kindersley & Sarah Vine  and “84 Charing Cross Road” Helene Hanff)


5 responses to ““Birdland”

  1. we have the bird feeders but no birds, the neighbours cats have scared them off 😦

  2. Swallows arrived here on 13th April! How come they haven’t quite made it over yon hiills?

  3. Hi Kim – Happened upon your blog this evening whilst busy writing my own. Love the stuff I’ve seen so far, though I haven’t really ‘explored’ very much. I’ll send you an invite to ‘Elliotts In Munich’ if you like. It would be nice to catch up after 25 years! All the best. David.

  4. thanks for featuring my card!!!

  5. aw kim, hope things are ok.
    I miss reading. where have you goooooone?!!

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