“Waking the Witch”


Detail of "Lonely Hearts" Dress

“April is the cruelest month”and so it was; but all of a sudden it’s May.

Since I last wrote  the hedgerows have come alive with cow parsley,wild garlic and red campion. The woods are full of bluebells and the apple tree that I grew from a pip and planted here nine years ago has got it’s first blossom ( maybe in another nine years I’ll be able to enter the Osmotherley Cider Competition!).

I’ve almost finished the group of designs I started in March, which is pretty disgraceful but sometimes you just have to take things slowly and admit that you can’t do it all. I’m looking forward to a fresh start with a new group and also planning to frame some pieces for the York Embroiderer’s Guild exhibition at the Guildhall, York ( June 26-28).The CCAD degree show is in Hartlepool on June 4th (?) so I’ll be going to take a look at my future competition!! This time last year was so exciting…hand in dates, degree show, New Designers. Looking back on a year since graduation I’m making a resolution now to make some time for my own work .Pressure to be commercial in order to make money has left me feeling a bit creatively bankrupt.


Red Bear Returns! Work in progress

Now I must put the kettle on and get this final design done so I can post it tomorrow.


One response to ““Waking the Witch”

  1. Great to see you working and blogging again.

    You should always make time for your own work, as it’s that which will make you happy, and shows for it in the quality.

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