Through the Round Window


The other day I stood in the willow house and took this picture looking out towards Arden Moor. Every year I intend to line it with fabric and make a waterproof floor so that I can sleep out there, but never seem to get around to it.The last few summers have been so wet but maybe this one will be perfect sleeping outdoors weather.


Today I managed to get to the Post Office and send off the last two designs from the group that has been haunting my kitchen for three months. It feels fantastic to be free of them! I’m pleased that I actually started and finished a design in the same day.( did I mention that ideally I should be producing at least 6 per week…and then actually selling them!!)

This afternoon I made an experimental sample for a baby jacket using wool voltaire and heat transfer. Its not bad for a first attempt at actual garment making but I do need to practice! I’ve also added a bit more to my red bear as well, its turning into a doodle project…no pressure, just for fun.

Well, I’ve been busy and it feels good. I must go now because there’s a storm and I don’t want the lightning to come down the phone wires! Here’s a link I meant to post before, its the blog for SmallMagazine…good inspiration for anything creative to do with kids.


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