I’m really enjoying working on this little jacket ,now that I’ve started stitching into it and just playing,instead of worrying about trends and the mass market. I wonder if I can borrow a baby to model it when I get it finished!?

Today I’ve been a domestic goddess, making rhubarb jam and starting some bread off, filling in my tax return and attempting to draw some bluebells as well as updating my C.V. The updating was due to a call I got this morning from Protocol National asking if I was interested in applying for some art and design teaching jobs.Anyway,there’s no harm in trying…


So, although I’ve been busy busy busy, (and still not quite managing to get on top of things) I’m struggling to find much to talk about tonight. Time for a drop more coffee and some more sewing.Perhaps this monster that Jake made will give me some inspiration and encouragement! Isn’t he great.


Hopefully the books I ordered will arrive soon, (“Textile Designers at the Cutting Edge” Bradley Quinn and “Moominpappa at Sea” Tove Jansson) I’m desperate for more Moomin stories ; why have I only just discovered them?

One response to “Monster

  1. Hi Kim, thanks for the updates. I rely on your blog for a slice of NY Moors life. Jake’s monster is cool and the willow house window a treat!

    I’m sitting on the edge of the beach in Sanur, eating a cheese omelette and wondering how to break on through… I do hope you’ll come out and stay with us one day…

    Love xXx

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