“Meek Bears”


I’ve been feeling a bit sorry for myself, just a little bit of a cold but what with all the rain and everything…everything seems to be soggy, including me! Last night I sat on my doorstep for ages listening to the eerie music made by rain dripping into various watering cans and buckets (maybe I’ve caught a Jane Austin style chill!?).Although it was midnight and I should have gone to bed,I ended up doodling in my sketchbook and then playing with the results in Photoshop.I’m going to print the design onto some fabric in a moment.

So, as I look out of the window, I’m loving the way the big Oak tree has finally burst into leaf, bright lime green and black against a leaden sky, the hills in the distance are Payne’s Grey- what a colour scheme.

Time to get printing and do a bit more to that jacket.meanwhile, here is a link to the website of a local glass artist ,Desiree Hope,whose gallery my children visited the other week.Beautiful things.

One response to ““Meek Bears”

  1. Kim,
    I’d like to frame that sketchbook page. I really think your bears are wonderful, and your blog is always inspiring and beautifully descriptive.

    Jules x

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