Music To Fall Off The Floor To


Today the postman came and left my parcel in the coal house so I’ve only just found it -“Textile Designers At The Cutting Edge” by Bradley Quinn. Looks like it will be full of inspiration but I’ve only had a quick browse so far as I’ve been busy sewing and thinking and listening to Imani Coppola on repeat the entire day.


My work went off to be framed yesterday and should be ready in time for the Embroiderer’s Guild exhibition in York next month.I’m looking forward to seeing how it looks, surely better than just being stuck on a bit of ticket card.

Its crazy windy up here, the mini heat wave ended as soon as I was set free from the Golden Lion, typical.So, no temptation to be lazing in the noonday sun, in fact I’m about to tune up the old mandolin and see if I can learn one of those Kristen Hersh songs…watch out for the sound of glass cracking and ears bleeding!

Listening to: Imani Coppola “Chupacabra” and Kristen Hersh “Hips and Makers” ( almost obsessively, well actually no almost about it!)

Reading “Atonement” Ian McEwen

One response to “Music To Fall Off The Floor To

  1. Nothing wrong with obsessively listening to Imani Coppola – some good cheerful funky tunes in the large part 😉

    Maybe Pigeon Penelope needs to make it into one of your new designs…. x

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