4,708 Miles West

bear page

Today I got down on my knees in the vegetable patch and searched for signs of life… I found microscopic beetroots and tiny spinach seedlings. It’ll be a long time before a meal can be made from that crop! We had a lovely evening walk and came across a woodpecker’s nest full of screeching babies, some tiny pink flowers I’d never seen before (must look them up) and a gamekeeper who invited me to his wedding.

I’m enjoying just randomly doodling in my sketchbook at the moment. The green cow parsley and flowers are a heat transfer sketch for a t-shirt and the page also includes fabric collage and stitch as well as bits of a map of Canada.The bear is a quick sketch of brown bear from Berlin Zoo which I saw on TinyHappy earlier in the week. ( I’m not sure how I feel about zoos though, bears need to be free I think)

Time to head up the apples and pears now and read a bit more of “Atonement”.Don’t forget its CCAD‘s degree shows (including Textiles and Surface Design at Hartlepool) next week; opening night is the 4th of June.


One response to “4,708 Miles West

  1. of course I’ll see you there. I’ll be somewhere chatting so wont leave the place no doubt lol.
    I’m fine. just plodding along and working out what to do… going to do the whole digital city me thinks but honestly dont know why I didnt do it when we graduated, but thats me being the fool that I am lol.
    thought we would get to see our before the show but we’ll be up to visit soon for sure.

    CCAD link is wrong. Its http://www.ccad.ac.uk : ]

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