Here and Now

screenI learned that there is something called “Grab” on my computer so I can take shots of my screen…here is what I was doing at 5 o’clock! the reason I asked my brother about this was because I wanted to print out some blog pages to put in a book for the York exhibition; why is it that when you want to print it out the result is totally different to what you see on the screen? Does anyone know how to do this?!

The images above have been printed on to cotton ready to be stitched in to.I bought some “Jacquard” inkjet cotton and also some discharge paste from Ario and have been having fun experimenting. Ario were amazingly super fast delivering my order so I thought I’d give them a plug here, it all arrived the next morning,despite it being lunchtime when I placed the order.

Enough free advertising! I must go and do battle with the moles now, if only they would just pop up a few feet further over, in the field not the lawn…


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