“It’s a Motherf***** Getting Through A Sunday…”


So, it was flaming June today and everyone has sunburn, ‘coz we’re English and panic that it may rain until September. Today the whole of Snilesworth gathered at the Hawnby Hotel for a lunch to celebrate the retirement of our landagent. Hawnby is a really beautiful village and we all sat in the garden of the pub, catching up with the neighbours, discussing farming and the dangers of quad bikes.( my neighbour broke his leg and had to drag himself to where there was phone signal before being rescued by the air ambulance!)


I got my work back from Les Prince, the framer. He’s an amazing man, knows everybody in the art world from his days at the Tate and is curating an exhibition at the Zillah Bell Gallery later in the year, featuring lots of William Tillyer’s work.

Other news flashes…I have ordered broadband again- watch this space! I have re-activated my Facebook account, don’t ask me why, I maybe just felt like needed some friends…already I kind of hate it but hey, its all about networking.


One response to ““It’s a Motherf***** Getting Through A Sunday…”

  1. It’s a bit of a rollercoaster sometimes isn’t it?

    Hope you’re doing well.


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