“12 Hours of Sunset”


Looking west this evening, my phone pictures never do it justice , but the sky ranged from lead grey to vanilla (“I’ll see you in another life when we are both cats”) and gold . I spent ages watching a curlew, I love the sound they make- so mournful and yet it managed to wring a smile out of me.


Looking down from the new bridge at Blow Gill…the river has smoothed out the rock and it’s an almost stupidly beautiful place, if it weren’t for the nasty old ants that mean you can’t stay still for a moment.


So, today I’ve been printing out labels for the work that I will be taking to York next week and reading the Hand and Lock book I bought for inspiration (lovely book but unlike Ario, rubbish delivery times and maddly expensive p&p)Its time I got some fresh inspiration because my muse left today, flying away though those big grey clouds to Vancouver ( hopefully not using the compass above or he’ll end up in Australia- because some fool printed it backwards-I’ve just noticed!).

So…next time I write I promise I’ll be cheerful, this blog isn’t about to become an introspective misery memoir! Here’s wishing Gazz all the fun and adventures a boy could wish for and don’t forget to watch out for bears! x



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