Last minute preparations for the Embroiderer’s Guild Exhibition this weekend. I can’t decide what to take, or how to display it and I’m cross with myself for not getting some new work finished.But at least I think I’ll have too much work rather than not enough.I’ve enjoyed playing “dress-up” with this funny headless lady and having a look at some of these dress shapes from Minor Project (2008).


Here are two more of the framed pieces I got from Les Prince last week.With six altogether, my portfolio and my new friend (the headless dummy) I’m going to need a wheelbarrow to carry it all!


Right, I must must must do some household chores now and then do a bit more to the things I’m working on at the moment.Now that broadband has reached us here on Witchmountain its too easy to waste away time looking at all the things that would never work before. (Poppytalk, Print and Pattern and the rest)Until later. x


One response to “Sunshine

  1. I had a feeling the mysterious cable had finally reached you.
    the freedom kim, the freedom!
    Work looks good, hope the show goes well.

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