Just a quick one to show you how my space looks at the York Embroiderer’s Guild Exhibition.I panicked at first because the walls are sandstone so there was no hanging space…anyway, luckily my mum was with me and we managed to cobble some bits together to make it look ok. We still have no idea how to put up a portable easel!


My arms are about a foot longer from lugging everything across York so I hope not too many people order pints in the pub tonight…or heavy things on trays. The exhibition is mainly by members of various branches, with two bursary winners, me and Flora Parrott (who wasn’t there when I left so I haven’t seen her work yet, but she’s at Royal Collage, London so must be good!!)


The Guild Hall is right in the center of York, near “Betty’s Tearooms” so if you’re in the city anyway, pop in and say hello.



3 responses to “Exhibitionism

  1. Looks great – make sure it’s all still up in all it’s glory on sunday. x

  2. Looks great, good luck with the exhibition, I’m sure you will get loads of people coming to view your work!

  3. I’ve awarded you, for your inspiring blog Kim – see the details on http//adventuresinthread.blogspot.com

    Jules x

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