Its been a beautiful day here on Witchmountain, cloudless, shimmery blue and even the birds seem lazy. I’ve been sitting in the garden adding a bit more to this t-shirt I’m making for myself and also thinking about the new “Fall 09” designs I need to get done by the beginning of August.I really need to get on top of this freelance work for New Leaf because although I’m selling the odd design it’s nowhere near enough to justify the time and effort and I just don’t seem to be able to get the hang of what I need to do to be commercial and mainstream…


Having said that I had some very good luck this week when I jokingly asked my boss if he’d like to see the framed work I had ( still in the boot of my car after York) and he ended up wanting 3 of the 4 I showed him. So, all being well, they will be hanging in one of the three bed and breakfast rooms and possibly featured on the Golden Lion‘s website when it gets updated…

I find it very uncomfortable discussing prices when it comes to my work – always just amazed that someone likes it ! – but I forced myself to stick to the price I’d decided on when I got them framed. Putting a value on something handmade ,or a piece of artwork is very subjective and I definitely need to cultivate self confidence and the ability to ‘sell myself”!

Anyway, its time to do something so goodbye for now.


One response to “Lionheart

  1. From cloudless to this!! Whats going on!? I enjoyed it while it was here.
    Congrats on the work. Nice little bit of exsposure for you actually. You’ll most likely get quite a bit of interest from it I say.

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