Summer Games


It must be a sign! The rainbow yesterday landed exactly on the name of my house, now…, where’s that crock of gold?!

Yesterday was Osmotherley’s annual decent into madness, “Summer Games”. Starting as a fun day out for all the family, it soon degenerates via the yard of ale, crash the crocks and welly tossing;although this year the inter-pub tug of war was banned due to health and safety fears (hmmm, the yard of ale is “safe” then?!) Anyway, I’m feeling a little fragile today (no I didn’t do the yard!) but managing to do a bit more to these small pieces which I’m planning to frame as a series of about 6.


It was so encouraging to have my work admired by so many people last week and  I’m beginning to realize that the pieces that get the most comments are those that have got “feeling” behind them.Out of adversity and all that…my bears are part of an ongoing story, made out of love rather than the intention of making money, so ultimately more satisfying I think…


The exhibition in York turned out to be really useful, with quite a few invitations to run workshops and give talks.So, even though I’ve been feeling a bit sad and nostalgic about the excitement and promise of this time last year, I guess so long as you keep trying the handles, new doors will always open.

Now tonight I must have an early night with a lovely Lush”Karma” bath and a new book to start.

(Listening to: “Owner of a Lonely Heart” dance version. Reading: “Amsterdam” Ian McEwan. )

2 responses to “Summer Games

  1. That’s lovely – beautiful new designs 😀
    That’s a great way to go 🙂


  2. Great designs and glad that you got new leads from the exhibition Kim.
    Owner of the Lonely Heart – one of my faves!

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