“Here Comes the Rain Again…”


I’m building an ark out of blankets and thread and old tequila bottles; the rain has flooded the road and the water in the taps looks like Taylor’s “Golden Best”. What happened to the “Barbecue Summer” we were meant to be getting?

I haven’t been writing much here lately, but I have been busy, still working on my cathartic pieces,in between some dress designs for New Leaf. I realize these little embroideries are probably meaningless to most people but I’m enjoying adding to them slowly…most recently some patches printed on sand-washed silk which feels lovely and printed really well through the inkjet.perhaps they are a bit too personal though and I would not be able to part with them if I needed to? Hmm, I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it.


New Designers was last week and it was great to hear that Holly Flanagan,from CCAD,was picked for Texprint and her work featured in their photo shoot . I’m also glad that I picked out her work as being one of the best in the degree show, so maybe my sense of fashion and design isn’t as rubbish as I was beginning to think!

DSC00838_2 DSC00841_2

Yesterday, before the rain, I went to Helmsley Open Air Pool and swam up and down until I was worn out. watching the swallows swooping down to drink from the pool and just about managing to keep pace with a lady wearing big glasses and a huge, battered straw hat.Its lovely swimming on your back looking at the clouds and I kind of hoped it would pour down just to see what it felt like.

(Reading : “So Many Ways To Begin” Jon Mcgregor, “The Wind- Up Bird Chronicle” Haruki Murakami Listening to: “To Heaven By Water” on Radio 4, “Owner of a Lonely Heart” …still !, the rain)


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