Indian Summer. I’m missing the open air pool at Helmsley and of course the sun has been shining all week, now that the holidays are over.

This week I went to the Saltbox Gallery in Helmsley and left the last three of my framed pieces ( Red Bear, Magpie and Owl) for their exhibition which begins the first week in October. I was also asked to do some new work- and I’m going to try, honestly  I am. In reality there’s only a week to do it in though because I will need to get it framed too. So many people have been so supportive lately and their encouragement means a lot ( thank you). I just wish I was one of those people who produce their best work at times of stress and trauma but I guess most of all I just wish there’d be a happy ending to it all…


These are some pictures of what I was working on today, inspired by the paint splattered chair in the garden and my lovely friend “nameless chicken” who listens to me with great interest and passes no judgement .


Also this week I applied for the  Artists Access to Art Colleges Scheme which is a fantastic idea; basically you get to be a kind of artist in residence and have access to all the college facilities such as the print rooms. last year Claire Baker and Heidi Colwill took part and produced some lovely work.Its a great opportunity but only two or three places ( and top competition!) so fingers crossed…

2 responses to “Inertia

  1. Liking this new work
    Sounds like it’s all picking up.
    keep it up.

  2. Love the idea of the artist-in-residence thingy – good luck!


    I wish you a Happy Continuum rather than a Happy End.

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