Purple and Green


Last week was pretty tough as I got rejected by the AA2A Scheme despite having “a strong application” and being asked to apply again next year ( congratulations to Heidi Turner though). I’m now having a bit of an identity crisis as I set myself to thinking which way to head next. Do I concentrate on freelance fashion design or pursue the opportunities that have been offered for exhibitions? I have a problem with calling myself an “artist” so, hmmm.


So, I managed to get this piece finished last week but don’t think I’m going to be able to get it framed in time for the Saltbox this coming weekend. I’m quite pleased with the colours and textures; I really would love to make a winter coat out of this wool, with panels of rich embroidery and print.


So, now that I’m not going to be able to use the college’s print rooms I’m going to have to save up for some more heat transfer paint and ideally a small heat press. I’m also toying with the idea of getting a “Gocco” printer…but first I need to build up my motivation and confidence somehow, then everything else will start to go right ( ??!)


( Reading: “Hard Boiled Wonderland and The End of the World” Haruki Murikami, Listening to : a large rat or something thats chewing up the attic !!! “System 7 “at Thimbleberry)

2 responses to “Purple and Green

  1. Hi Kim,

    I really love this new design – the blending of colours in the wool – the pretty green satin stitch flower looks adorable alongside the combination of different thread colours and stitches.

    Either way of working is just as difficult. I think that it depends whether you are happiest with the work when it is mainly in your own style or whether you prefer to adapt your work to briefs.

    If you want to – why not exhibit as a textile designer-maker which I think would fit your work well?


  2. Hi Kim,

    Another solution may be to ‘go commercial’.

    One way to do this might be to get some orders for ’embroidered textile product’ (or whatever you young people call it these days) and get it small-scale-mass-produced somewhere that labour is relatively cheap and you have reliable contacts – i.e. here!

    Your work is astonishing and it wouldn’t be a great leap to design a range of ‘product’ (baby clothes, haute couture, adult-sized kids clothes or whatever) which we could make here.

    Anik’s parents are both tailors and we have many friends in ‘The Biz’.

    Seriously consider it. As long as the product is salable, it’s a pretty sure fire way into fame and fortune. I have friends who produce for all the major chains as well as ‘real’ fashion houses.

    If you are even vaguely interested mail me and we can discuss it further. Sampling is not expensive and many of my friends here have fine incomes (plus big houses on several continents) from the fashion business.

    ~N x

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