No new work to show you today as I’m working on designs for New Leaf…or I will be when I’ve browsed about the WorldWideWeb looking at a variety of lovliness on my favorite blogs.

I decided to stack up all ( or most) of the books I had read in the last few months; then on the radio it said that today is “Super Thursday” which is the day when more books are published than any other.Anyway, thank goodness for  Jansson, Murakami, McEwen  et al. for  making my nights a little less lonely. I LOVE BOOKS.


So, October is here but the garden is still clinging to summer. Yesterday all my winter fuel was delivered so now I’m ready for winter, bring it on! My Gocco Printer has been ordered so I can’t wait for it to arrive from Japan; a winter of printmaking and drinking strong coffee by the stove.


Time to get a bit of air before some more sewing.


One response to “Bookish

  1. Aaw you ordered your gocco.
    woo, I wanna come see.
    Seems like you motivation is in full flow.

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