The Printed Image


On Friday evening I went to the opening of “The Printed Image” exhibition at the Zillah Bell Gallery before ending up ,eventually, at a crazy club in Middlesbrough called RiffRaff. Luckily there aren’t any pictures from RiffRaff but above is an early screen print of William Tillyer‘s called “High Force”-standing in front of it ,the blue is dazzling.


I had two favorites (but shortage of money and wall space!) one was a Norman Ackroyd and the other this collograph by Katherine Jones called “A House In The Woods”. She’s done a whole series of lovely ethereal prints based on illuminated shelters and greenhouses in woodland settings. As soon as I finish writing this I’m going to have to look up what exactly a “collograph” is!

This week I hope to take a few things to get framed for the Salt Box, start a new group for New Leaf using all my new heat transfer paints ( wow, SO expensive!) and find out more about Gocco ready for my new purchase to arrive. ( Anyone out there use a Gocco for textile printing?) Meanwhile I’ve been enjoying a blog I found tonight called Textile Swatches , nice to see lots of examples of eco and artisan textiles as I’m right off Illustrator at the moment.

Until later x


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