“Honey Pie”


Today I had to dash out for another Haruki Murakami fix, having finished “After The Quake ” last night. One of the stories, “Honey Pie” was so good I ended up reading it about three times! You can read it on the link above and see if you can guess why I loved it…

The only one I hadn’t read wasn’t in the bookshop so I got “Norwegian Wood” which I borrowed from a friend years ago.Looking forward to getting snuggled up with that tonight.


I’ve been doing some wool embroidery on to the print I made the other day. I’m going to have to search for some more old blankets soon so that I can have a go at that winter coat I keep thinking about. Meanwhile I’m wondering what on earth to do about my printer because its refusing to print magenta, the print head must be blocked and no amount of cleaning seems to be unblocking it…


Here is a picture of the random magnetic poetry on my rusty old enamel bread-bin. Several ways the words could be re-arranged to inspire me whenever I make toast! Talking of inspiration here are a couple of blogs I’ve been looking at today; Dottie Angel and A Bun Can Dance.



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