Semi- hibernation here on the mountain as I have a cold which is making me feel very sorry for myself. So, “what’s new?!” I hear you say…Ok, I know, but this week all my new toys have arrived ,so soon I will be busy and inspired for sure.


I hung this piece of dyed and screen printed fabric on the line earlier and loved the way the sun seemed to make it glow. Its going to be a little skirt shape once I do a bit more to it.Yesterday I was supposed to take my work over to Les Prince’s to get framed but I just had to have a day with “Norwegian Wood”, hot lemon drinks and  a soft green blanket. I’m loving that book even more second time around,and with it all things Japanese , so it was lovely to get these beautiful stamps this morning when my Gocco machine arrived!! Now I just have to figure out the instructions ( not in English so hmmm…) and think of something to draw to make a print ( I’m guessing bears but …watch this space).


Its a shame some of the stamps and cancellations were ruined by the nasty sticker slapped on by Royal Mail. I think I’m belatedly turning in to a stamp collector, oh no,what next, train spotting?!

Wish List : A plane ticket to Canada so I can go to Nick Bantock’s studio/gallery in November.Or Spain in May?….

A space to work in that isn’t the kitchen!

A clear head.

Love, peace and inspiration.



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