Well I spent ages drawing this flowery bear last night but initial Gocco experiments were a total failure. I’m not entirely sure why , which is annoying because one of the major drawbacks with Gocco is that many of the parts can only be used once…and they’re not cheap or easy to find.After I’d ordered it I found out about another system called EZscreen which I’m wishing I’d gone for instead…oh well, you live and learn.


I’m not at work tonight because I’m still battling the cold…but here are a couple of images that have cheered me up today…a big fat bumble bee, busy in the garden yesterday and a funny group of characters outside a deli in Cape Cod that came in an e-mail from my parents today.I wish I could just jump on a plane and fly out there tomorrow, it looks fun.

local deli

I’ve just found out that today (Oct 15th) is “blog action day for climate change”. I was reading Olive Bites and will now follow some of her suggestions for eco computer use by switching off ( after changing my homepage to Blackle ) and going to bed to read “Sputnik Sweetheart” by candlelight.


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