“The owls are not what they seem…”



I think Autumn might be my favorite season. The rusty colours, smell of musty leaves, damp earth and slight decay mixed with the smoke from the wood stove and seasonal bonfires.Even the food of the season is cozy comfort food in shades of orange and brown! ( Pumpkin soup, baked potatoes and toffee apples).

Yesterday was a murky,foggy day, darkness drawing in fast (” oh no not another of our trips out in the dark!” said the kids) but we went to Thorpe Perrow Arboretum and scuffled through the leaves, trying to catch the falling ones before they landed so we could make wishes ( I did, but its a secret what I wished for).Aren’t the white Rowan berries lovely?

I didn’t get any pictures but I fell in love with the huge Eagle Owls in the falconry center, with their giant teddy bear eyes….must draw more owls.


Back on the mountain during one of my coffee and inspiration sessions with Lindsey Murray, I decided to give up on Gocco for the time being and revert to my old favorite, heat transfer. The first print worked really well on a piece of dyed curtain fabric but I’m not so sure of the pink background below;and the second print is always a little paler.


Now I need to do a few household chores before I get ready for a rare tv night, watching “Natural World” at 8pm ( a documentary about…..BEARS, surprise surprise!).


One response to ““The owls are not what they seem…”

  1. I’m also liking autumn. Went for a walk down Saltburn pier last night and wasn’t as cold as it looks out there.

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