“One For Sorrow” ?


A little bit of good news today as I got a call to say I’ve sold a piece of work at the Saltbox gallery!


The Magpie was a print and embroidery sample for Minor Project during my degree at CCAD and its sale has given me hope that my new policy of NOT saluting Mr Magpie every time I see a solitary one, is actually bringing me luck. On this basis I think I will turn all superstitions on their heads and make a point of walking under ladders, putting new shoes on the table eating late blackberries!

redI’ve been messing about with my bear drawing, creating brushes and simple repeats. Now I need to test my printer to see if the nice man in Ink to Print has managed to unblock the magenta print head.

Tomorrow I will be in York, helping Lindsey Murray with her stand at the Guild Hall…an early start so wish me luck, I’m not so great at mornings!

Have a good weekend.Enjoy Halloween x


3 responses to ““One For Sorrow” ?

  1. well done on the sale, I love the Saltbox Gallery, have 2 paintings I bought from there by Claire West, hope I can sell some of my stuff there one day :- )

  2. You deserve it Kim, Your work is astonishing and compelling… x

  3. Where do you get your framing done kim?

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