Fly Me To The Moon


Today was the first day of ice and mild panic about Christmas…there were also ants in the kitchen and sheep in the garden.

I had a first attempt at making a lined purse with a zip and it kind of worked so hopefully I’ll be able to make a few to take to a couple of craft fairs and re-stock my Etsy shop which is looking a bit empty. I want to do a simple print and a tiny bit of embroidery on them , then I’ll have to set up a production line on the kitchen table. This one has some machine embroidery doodles I did ages ago and was just a quick experiment to see how long it took .


Now I have to go and get some sleep , its been a long weekend…but here is an image by the artist Peter Callesen , whose cut paper work is AMAZING. I loved this piece called “Alive, But Dead”. I struggle to cut out a simple stencil without chopping off the wrong bit but some of Callesen’s  work involves the cut out part becoming a three dimensional object such as these flowers or an angel in a cage; take a look at his website, I’m adding him to my wish list for when I get rich and can actually afford ART !!



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