Something Wicked In The Woodshed…

Today I ventured out into the garden, its pretty overgrown, I’ve been neglecting things I’m afraid. The shed was dark and gloomy and in the corner in an old lawn mower grass box I discovered someone hiding… no, not this bear…my neighbour’s big red hen. She’d obviously been there some time because when I tipped her out ,about 20 eggs fell out too! I wasn’t going to risk eating them (we once found a big hen sitting on about 40 GREEN eggs ,down the side of the oil tank!! eugh!) but tomorrow I’ll have a look to see if there’s a fresh one to make a cake.

The cards I ordered from Moo arrived this morning and I’m really pleased with the quality and super fast service.I’ve got quite a stock of cards now, including the Gocco owls, which are all hand coloured and over printed with heat transfer and collage.

Right now I’m doing some pen and ink drawings for the Gocco ( fingers crossed they work….) and trying to make up for the lack of heating by baking bread and pies like a slightly flawed domestic goddess!

Thanks for reading. x


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