Walking on Thin Ice

There was thick ice on the car last night and wintery weather forecast; I want to grow my winter coat and sleep in a nest made of wool until spring.

” In a little woollen box..On the peg of a small cloud…

I’m writing this over a hasty cup of tea before going out to work. I just put some Christmas cakes in the oven so the kitchen smells lovely; only trouble is, they’re never going to be done before I have to leave… oh what bad planning.

I’m really disappointed that I’ll also be working tomorrow so I’m going to miss out on the Designer’s Marketplace. I have to take next Sunday off instead, for the Osmotherley Extravaganza where I’ll be taking all the cards and other bits and pieces that I’ve been making.I’m having a “Craft Fair” phobia at the moment though after wandering round the bleak affair at Helmsley today …good grief.

I cleaned the windows so that the winter sun would make rainbows on the walls, shining through the hanging crystals, like Pollyanna playing the “glad game”!

Well,time to head down the hill to work… x


3 responses to “Walking on Thin Ice

  1. I’m loving the bears, feels like winter is here now though, time to wrap up and ejoy hot choccy whilst thinking what to stitch next.

  2. That purse is adorable!! Will you be selling them on Etsy?

  3. Thank you. Definitely winter here on the moor and yes Louise I hope to put them on Etsy as my shop has all expired now!!

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