“…Tears of Joy and Jealous Lovers…”

I’ve just returned from a lovely day out at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park. For once it wasn’t raining, in fact the sun was dazzling. I’m not sure how long it really takes to get there as my dad was driving and we seemed to take a huge detour for emergency coffee at the services somewhere ( I was falling asleep ). Anyway, we were treated to a VIP tour of the exhibitions, lunch ( yummy wild mushroom tart) and an off road Landrover trip ,because the head man,Peter Murray, is an old college friend of my parents.I gatecrashed their business meeting because I was keen to see the Rob Ryan exhibition…it was well worth the long drive and “early” morning to see his window installation and try not to cry at his intricate,romantic, paper cuts and prints.

We also enjoyed the amazing sculptures of Peter Randall Page. Beautiful carved stone which ached to be touched- strictly forbidden as the stone ( Killkenny?) marks very easily. Forms based on seedpods and the Fibinnachi sequence.

I loved his sketch books ( below) which were tiny and beautiful, an odd contrast to the huge pieces of stone.

Well, thats enough culture for one day. Time to catch up with a bit of sewing and get ready for another wonderful Osmotherley weekend! x

2 responses to ““…Tears of Joy and Jealous Lovers…”

  1. Thanks for posting this as we are hoping to take our niece and nephew ( all grown up now) on boxing day. The carved stones look amazing.

  2. ahhh rob ryan = class!!xx

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