Open All Hours

I’ve been playing shops this week! ( Ooh I just got all nostalgic for those toy Post Offices and a sweet shop I once got for Christmas when I was about 7!) last night I updated my Etsy shop and listed some of the things that didn’t sell on Sunday.There’s more to come but apparently its a good idea to list things on Etsy in a staggered way so that they appear on the front page for longer!

The fair on Sunday in Osmotherley went pretty well, despite our stand being on the stage which intimidated some people ,who obviously feared they would have to do ” a turn” if they set foot on it!

Lindsey, David and I were a little fragile after a very late night ( SoniQue was dj-ing at the local dance hall) but were sustained by coffee, mince pies and general silliness.I sold all my little lavender bear brooches and forgot to take a picture of them which I’m sad about, but I’ll definitely be making more as they were so popular.

Now I have to catch up on some household chores…mainly buying some food, since the cupboards are bare.Until next time x


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