The obligatory December cold bug has got me this week but I’ve been busy trying to do something about the imminent festivities;making a few bits and pieces and hanging up the mistletoe ( the birds will get some berries even if there’s no kisses to be had).

I’m snuggled in my pyjamas as I write; listening to the wind whistle and the snow scratch at the windows.Today we’ve had the first proper snow…I keep jumping up to put the outside light on,so I can look out into the dark garden and watch it falling.First Snow is always so exciting and magical, making the world look clean and new.Hmmm, don’t quote me on that when the car’s stuck and the fire won’t go and we’ve run out of milk!

I made these two purses today and I think they are my favorites so far ( the pictures are SO dark because there’s just no light these days). Now I have to decide if they’re going to be Christmas presents or for sale… I was supposed to be going to talk to someone in a gallery in Ripon tomorrow but the weather may have foiled that plot.I did leave two new pieces at the Saltbox on Tuesday and suddenly wondered if I really wanted to part with one in particular that I’d been working on,off and on since June…

Well time is ticking by and despite too much coffee I really should sleep soon.Tomorrow looks like being a good day for cake and mince-pie baking with the help of a cozy stove and pink enamel coffee pot! x


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