Happy Winter Solstice to you. Apparently this event took place at 5.30pm ( as reported on Radio4 ) and from now on we’re on the road to spring and LIGHT!

I’ve been snowed in the past few days and trying not to get too stressed about the Christmas shopping not being done and the enforced seclusion.Actually, its kind of a relief to have to really slow down and not go charging about spending money on things that aren’t really needed.There is food, there is the stove and thankfully there’s the internet !!( a virtual saviour from cabin fever)

Well, this is just a short one today;I have too many things to make and cups of coffee to drink, but you couldn’t have a blog called Witchmountain and not mention the Winter Solstice!

Oh also, I just looked at Louise Broomhead’s blog and she ‘s got some lovely card designs that you can print out as many times as you want, (donations to charity), its a great idea particularly if you’ve left everything until the last minute!!

Seasons Greetings x


2 responses to “Midwinter

  1. Thanks for mentioning my Christmas cards Kim – that’s very kind 😀 Hope you can get through the snow soon.

    Love your new delicate work in this post and the last one!


  2. Hope you are finding your way out of the snow now Kim. Have a very happy Christmas and hope 2010 is a great year for you!

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