“Sad Peter Pan”

The Snilesworth Igloo builders have been at it again and this time I saw them at work…by the light of several car-headlights on a very cold and frosty night. I still don’t know who they are though!( I could have stopped to say hello but they looked determined..)

This is just another quick post before 2009 comes to an end…and not a moment too soon for me.In celebration of the end of this most difficult and troublesome of years I am giving away this bear brooch in the hope that ” the love you make is equal to the love you take”. So leave a comment before the 2nd of January 2010 and I’ll post this lovely bear to a randomly picked lucky person.( The brooch is printed  and embroidered on to wool felt and filled with lavender to keep you calm and happy in the new year!)

Here is a Moomin Snow Lamp that we made on Christmas Day. Although it was the wrong snow and the candle kept going out, it looked really beautiful ( actually there were two on either side of the path).We also set off a sky lantern which was very exciting as I was sure it would set some neighbour’s barn alight!!

Some sad news to put  icing on the 2009 cake… Vic Chesnutt the singer /songwriter died this week at the age of 45. His music was cathartic comfort and he will be very sadly missed.

(reading: “Enduring Love” Ian McEwen  listening to : “Is The Actor Happy?” Vic Chesnutt)


13 responses to ““Sad Peter Pan”

  1. Oh that’s a lovely idea Kim, and I would love to be lucky enough to have one of your gorgeous bear designs, so please add me to the list.

    I do like the Moonmin lamp, it looks very effective! Hope 2010 is a happy, peaceful and creative year for you.

  2. Pax nobiscum verito spitito sancti – Viva imago dei – a nice idea Kim. Here’s to 2010, to you and to some additional contact. David E. X

  3. please, please add me to the list 🙂 and I do like the snow lamp, may try it when we have the next snowfall!

  4. Hi Kim, lovely idea, very generous too. must get back to my college work now, it has been SO neglected over Christmas, also inspired to post a last blog of 2009, and have high hopes for 2010, it sounds very ‘futuristic’ doesn’t it ? Have a great New Year – Love & Peace x Jayne x

  5. yes!! i love this kim, very clever!
    add me!xx

  6. Hi Kim – I would love to have a chance to get your sweet brooch. I love lavender 🙂



  7. Love the Snow Lamp – Love LOVE the brooch!!! Wishing you a peaceful new year and all the best for 2010 …
    (did one of those sky lanterns over in the dales recently … so beautiful … ahhh …!)
    Take care

  8. Kim – thanks for your comment – how lovely that you still have one of my books, I haven’t made any for quite a while…
    I’d love to be placed in the ‘draw’ for a piece of your work – thank you.
    I have a solo show of new work opening on the 16th Jan, 1.30pm at Bankfield Gallery, Halifax – do come along if you can & see how my work has developed.
    Best wishes, Dionne

  9. I’d love a chance to win this brooch, I’m probably too late as usual, but I need one badly for a big gaping jumper : )
    Hope 2010 brings you new love, luck and happiness : ) Love always x

  10. Kim, the brooch looks very nice in the pic, so may I also have the twigs if I win. Now look here, how on earth do you live up there? What in heavens name do you eat? And dont be catching that de Clerembeau’s (spelling a bit in error perhaps) syndrome!

  11. Go on then, throw me in the hat too. I know someone who loves bears that this would be perfect for…. hang on, that wouldn’t work 😉 Could easily find a loving home for such a lovely little bear.

  12. Add me!
    Hope I’m not to late.

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