“Time may change me, but I can’t change time…”

Two posts in one day! Its amazing how being imprisoned on Witchmountain can force you ( after much toast and coffee) to find ways to amuse yourself. I came in from a long walk and ended up standing at the kitchen sink doodling with heat transfer paint and spilt coffee;”colouring in” an old pencil sketch I had started in March and making a background for this inquisitive bear.

Now I’m wondering…since the bear obsession won’t go away and it’s not really relevant to the North York Moors…what are the chances I could actually get to see real bears in the wild and do a bit of traveling this year? Anyone out there want to sponsor me to go to Canada or Russia?! I just wish I could be inspired by sheep but I think that market’s already been cornered…!

Well, I think I’d better do a bit more drawing while I’m in the mood. Don’t forget you still have time to leave a comment if you want to win the bear brooch or offer to buy me a plane ticket!

Happy  2010 by the way, I think I forget to say x


4 responses to ““Time may change me, but I can’t change time…”

  1. like the Bowie quote 🙂 we are lucky in that we have little snow but plenty of ice on the roads which makes live interesting when you live in a valley.

  2. I think we may get bears in the UK soon if this freezing weather continues! Hope your wintry incarceration is over soon. Love the bear sketch.

  3. really really really like the bear and the flower! hope you are surviving with no butter. love your favorite child 😉

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