Lost Horizon

And the winner is….Jules , who also writes a blog called “Adventures in Thread”.Thanks for all your kind comments everyone and Jules, let me know where to post the bear to, I hope you love it.

I’m sure everyone is getting a bit fed up of snow now, so I won’t go on ( too much)about how I’m stranded with only myself for company! To be honest I’ve always had a bit of a thing for extreme weather and being “snowed in” but last night I finished  the book I was reading so the situation is now SERIOUS…I can do without milk and make my own bread but I’m lost without a book to escape in to. ( Essential Snowed In books:- “Moominland Midwinter” Tove Jansson, “The Long Winter” Laura Ingalls-Wilder, “The Shipping News” E.Annie Proulx)

Anyway,time to draw some more and stop watching the snow…which sometimes seems to fall upwards and in spirals.Curtains of cloud like scenery in a theater; lifting and falling to reveal first, nearby fields,then middle distance trees, then far hills, before closing in again so that its just my house and the oak tree.


2 responses to “Lost Horizon

  1. Thank you Kim! I’ve e-mailed you already. I’m thrilled to have won! I’m anxious for you about the lack of books though, what a calamity! Try and keep strong……
    Jules x

  2. Wow! Loved the poetic image of clouds-as-theatre-curtains – Inspired Imagery!

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