KIM TILLYER “Beware of Getting Involved” 2010

Today I was offered a lift into the village by my neighbour and was glad to be able to stock up on Marmite and have coffee and conversation with Jane, who has been busy painting snow scenes and putting me to shame!

However, this might sound odd, but I’m actually really loving the enforced seclusion and almost hope it gets worse…( I’m not really snowed-in if people can get here,it only proves I have the wrong type of car for the conditions and am therefore irresponsible!) No,the silence and the removal of any necessity to “go” anywhere is giving me time for quiet contemplation- I’m a hermit in a little shack, a bear in a cave…


Ok, its not all roses but its not the end of the world and it makes you appreciate the small pleasures in life; the smell of bread in the oven, the stove heating a pot of coffee,a good book read by candlelight while the moon turns the snowscape outside my window blue.Maybe when I emerge back into civilization I will have discovered the secret of happiness and contentment? More likely I will have grown a long beard and a wild look in my eye!

(Reading:- “The People’s Act of Love” James Meek. Listening To:- Silence )

Ps. The excellent Canadian design blog Poppytalk has just launched a virtual awards event where you can nominate your favorite artists, bloggers, designers various categories.There’s just so much wonderful stuff out there I don’t know how to begin deciding who to nominate but it’s a fun way to discover some new places to visit.


5 responses to “Interlude

  1. I to am enjoying the change in pace of life the small amount of snow has given me…no need to rush to catch the train to Hartlepool, lol. The only drawback is the lack of conversation, just small talk with the shopkeeper, lol.. It’s just me the laptop and the dissertation for the coming days…civilisation please don’t interupt me for now. :}

  2. It’s peaceful, even here, so little traffic and noise, wonderful. It’s certainly helping my creativity. If I could just stop my feet being so cold…..

  3. sounds idyllic – even if you have made it to “civilisation” this week.

    Fri pm and its snowing like fury here down in the village. Going to have an expedition to the G Lion tonight – all of 200m. “I’m going out now – I may be gone some time……” as someone once said.

    LOVE the artwork by the way – keep the news coming!


    • kimsarahtillyer

      Ha ha, Hugh, I was going to use that line myself! Don’t think you’ll get lost on your way to the pub though, it’s not that far…
      Thanks for reading and leaving a comment.

  4. You are right Kim- your birds are now on my list! Gorgeous!

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