Another day of solitude and snow, coffee and catching up with some abandoned projects.This piece is one of the ones I started some months ago; I had originally intended it to be part of a set of 6 but as it turned out the set has already been broken up (one is in the Saltbox and another waiting to see if the lovely gallery in Ripon wants it…).

I also spent a bit of time listing some new things on my Etsy shop and wishing I’d taken the photographs outside while the sun was shining, in between storms. There was an amazing crash of thunder and huge flash of lightening this evening and the sky has been falling down ever since! I hope I never grow out of it, this childish excitement that keeps me running to the window to switch on the outside light and wonder at the ever deepening drifts.

Inside I’ve resorted to putting coal on the stove, as the logs aren’t going to last  till the thaw, and  eating my christmas treats, including this delicious bear  from Betty’s.I can’t sleep at night because I can’t wait to look out of the window! Last night I peered out at 3am and saw the yellow half moon hanging low in the sky as I scratched ice from the inside of the windows and the ponies stood,breathing out clouds,covered with blankets of snow.


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