Weather Report

Sorry to keep going on about the weather but its affecting my mood so drastically. Crisp, icy air has given way to a heavy, grey thaw, I can almost feel the heaviness in the air. Instead of smooth white perfection the snow has started to look dirty and reveal the distinctly imperfect, un-magical reality underneath.Sullen weather.

Ok, enough gloom. I was really excited at the weekend to be featured on one of my favorite blogs,Olivebites, in a feature about orange. I bought some of her lovely magnetic lockets for Christmas presents a few years ago and her writing is often very funny and full of interesting design/craft/eco information… thanks so much Cat.

Right, I’ve put a huge pile of logs on the stove, going to brew up a strong coffee and get on with some stitching, methodical and calming!

( Listening to : Joseph Arthur )

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