Love of the Loveless

“Proof” Kim Tillyer 2010

Ok, I’ve now been here, and therefore off work, for two snowy weeks.Unfortunately although I can’t get out to earn my bacon, the Post can still get here …and its all bills.This means I have been trying extra hard to do a bit of online networking as well as listing a few more things in my Etsy shop ( I actually sold a few bits this week thank goodness!).

Talking of Etsy and the post,here are some lovely things I bought before Christmas from Hidden Eloise . Two bear prints, which in the end I couldn’t part with. The most lovely thing was the packaging, SO nice to see this envelope, tied up with red wool, on the doormat instead of the nasty ones with windows and large, itemized bills inside!

Now, I spend way too much time “looking” and not enough time “doing” but I’ve been enjoying these blogs recently while needing visual inspiration that isn’t entirely monochrome like the view out of my window… Scoutie Girl, and Love.Obsess.Inspire.

Also, here in the silence and peace of my moorland winter, I’m feeling powerless and shocked by the news from Haiti.I wish there was more that I could do other than make a donation to aid organizations. I just found this idea for a silent auction on Indifixx.Anyway, we need to do whatever we can surely …

One response to “Love of the Loveless

  1. from south of France ( le Gers )…
    votre travail est magnifique !
    A bientôt. Sabeline

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